G4AXP - Operating from Nuneaton, Warwickshire  UK   QRA - IO92GM
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1978 - In USA with Chevy Caprice  4.6L  V8
35 Years Later - In USA with Chevy Camero
1989 - My Ford Taurus Wagon  3.0L  V6
My 1996  Ford Taurus  3.0L  V6  in Gingin Australia
My 2013  Ford Taurus  3.0L  V6  at the Beach
My  1995 Australian Ford Fairmont  4.0L   
The G4AXP Top Band Inverted U Antenna
Home Constructed micro Bitx  Transceiver
My FT101E  Receiving Some Maintenance
The G4AXP Hermes Lite SDR HF Transceiver
My Lexus IS250   V6  2.5L 
The G4AXP Top Band Magnetic Loop
The G4AXP Top Band Vertical Antenna
The G4AXP Top Band Inverted L Antenna
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